Flacco Drew Interest From Another NFL Team

Mark R. Bacon—Main Event Sports DC It appears the Denver Broncos had some competition last week when they decided to pull off a trade for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The February 13 trade between Baltimore and Denver basically came out of nowhere and there’s a reason for that: According to 104.3 the Fan in Denver, the deal came “together quickly” because the Broncos[…]

Embarrassing NBA Franchise Fires Embarrassing GM In Embarrassing Fashion

Mark R. Bacon—Main Event Sports DC The New Orleans Pelicans have fired general manager Dell Demps, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowki. This is richly hilarious. You may recall Demps as the administrative and managerial brain genius who: • Spent six-plus seasons flailing cartoonishly in various and uniformly failed efforts to build a stable, credible team around[…]

This Needs To End

Mark R. Bacon—Main Event Sports DC The national television cameras came to New Orleans on Thursday night, and boy isn’t this the type of game the NBA wishes it could flex out. Knicks at Hawks, anyone? The chances to see Vince Carter play could be dwindling. Hornets at Magic? It’s an All-Star matchup between Kemba[…]