That’s UofL Today

By Mark Bacon—Main Event Sports DC

Four losses in the last five regular season tilts is what this Louisville team is. A snapshot of their hoops DNA. That’s UofL today.

The meltdown against UVA, shocking, heartbreaking, incomprehensible, almost mathematically impossible, is what this team is.

15 turnovers against another mediocre team, the NC State Wolfpack, ready to give away the regular season finale, is what the team is.

Under stunning outside circumstances, these obviously flawed but good people, have proven time and again that there’s no contender quality here.

David Padgett, who left a timeout on the table with his team in disarray late against the Cavaliers, has done his best. But his best, at his tender age, he’s not ready for prime time.

Unfunny when un-fundamentally unsound. This season has proven that too many incomplete players, many with a skill or two, but with exception of Dwayne Sutton, there’s no player with strength, catch, pass, dribble, guard/footwork, boxing out and reasonable hops.

NIT far more likely than NCAA.

And I hope they turn it down. Early in the Cards’ campaign, I tweeted “these kids look like they want the season over.” I’ve believed that all season long. Look at what the Seniors, Q and Anas, have endured? Sexy time scandal, payoff to a Blue Chip player, the dumpster fire to demolition of the Athletic Department, yea, school administration. The perception of a right wing pizza magnate (whose pizza sucks, by the way) calling shots. Ugh. The players are teenagers, too. If not chronologically, emotionally. Remember that. They have gone through the basketball equivalent of the Peloponnesian War.

When I see heads hung on the floor—I think of the team I saw at the conclusion of the UVA game, captured by TV cameras for all the nation to see—I am reminded, “these are teenage guys.” It’s been all too much for them.

Hence no fire, drive, hustle, grit, guts and all that marks the 2017-2018 Cards hoop season. Emotionally spent.

After Florida State defeats us tomorrow in the ACC Tourney, Louisville will receive a bid to the NITs in a few days’ time. I hope they turn it down. It would be the thing to do. Do the right thing. Turn out the lights on the season. These guys are beleaguered. Spent. That’s UofL today.

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