Do or Die in Death Valley

#1 Alabama(8-0,5-0 SEC) @  #3 LSU ( 7-1,4-1 SEC)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

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BATON ROUGE, LA– “(It’s) not Saturday morning in Death Valley. Not Saturday afternoon in Death Valley. IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT IN DEATH VALLEY!”- Dan Borne

I have traveled coast to coast experiencing college and football stadiums at all hours of the day and Death Valley is just one of those places that changes the game and has that Cajun Mojo that  plays a factor in just how this game can go especially in favor of the Bayou Bengals. If there ever was a Showdown on this “Statement Saturday” it is under the lights on a prime time stage in Death Valley that can change the fate quickly for either one of these teams from here on out.

All bets are off in this one so I wouldn’t rely to heavily on the stats, odds and all that other jazz from Vegas and everywhere in between because this game is going to take a hell of a lot more than stats and numbers to  survive this game.

Game Notes


Week 10:Saturday, Nov. 3rd,2018

Kick-Off: 7:00 PM

Venue: Death Valley, Baton Rouge, LA

Network: CBS

Gridiron Snapshot


Nicky Saban and the Bama Boys are ready, relaxed and rested after having a bye week in Week 9. However, you can be sure that there was no down time for this ball club in preparation to face the Bayou Bengals. A victory for the Crimson this evening not only keeps their undefeated streak alive but will let them reclaim the SEC WEST title and a place in the SEC Championship Ship and CFP picture.  For Alabama the bye week couldn’t have come at better timing especially for their Workhorse signal caller, Tua Tagovailoa who needed the extra rest after his injury sustained that took him out at the Mizzou game in Week 8. How essential Tua is to this offense speaks for itself and the Tide need him along with their other power players to keep rolling on the golden road to Cali. While the Bama Defense may not be seen as one the Tides best defense make no mistake their far from mediocrity when it comes to making stops. Believe me this Defense is a wrecking crew you don’t want in your face with your back turned to at any moment because it just may cost you big.


The original Rajun Cajun Ed Orgeron and the Bayou Bengals were not expected to be this dominant but boy have they turned the tables in the SEC. A win tonight would put them in the lead in the SEC West and shake up the CFP in a big way. How will it play out in Death Valley for LSU and can they come up with the upset of the year tonight at home? LSU will have to find another way to come out big the first half  and stop the Crimson since their LB Devin White will be forced to sit out for the first half due to a targeting call in the Mississippi State game. Thank goodness though that the Bayou Bengals Secondary has been playing like their life depended on it to elevate LSU in key moments.

There may not be much to LSU one dimensional offense but don’t let that fool you. If the  the running game and Ohio State Transfer QB Joe Burrows can have the game of their life and slow down Bama they could come out big tonight at home finally. Like I said no matter what either of these teams has done up to now nothing is guaranteed based on past success and failures.

Keys for the Crimson

Go Big or Go Home

You know Nicky Saban is not afraid to run up the score no matter who he is playing. His boys come to play. Tua and the Tide need to take full advantage of LSU having to play without a key component on their Defense in Devin white by putting up as many points as they can early which will forces the Bayou Bengals into uncomfortable territory not just on defense but on offense (passing more than they like).

Under Pressure

Like I said this may not be seen as the strongest Crimson Defense Nicky Saban has produced but believe me their more than the best 1st-3rd strings of  more than half the top teams in the nations. Don’t be fooled especially if your an Bayou Bengal. While Joe Burrows has proved to be worth the investment and come up big for LSU he hasn’t been across the line staring into the eyes of Alabama. Look to the tide to put a little fear factor into his form and dial up the pressure to get him off track every chance they get. If that happens then lets just say LSU may be digging their own grave in Death Valley.

Keys for Bayou Bengals

Filling The Void

It’s going to be a tough first half for the Bayou Bengals without White there is no question. Ed Orgeron and company are going to need to be creative in finding ways to make up and keep up. The Tide is going to come out blazing and once they get enough fire on the field it’s pretty hard to play a comeback.

On Top Of Their Game

Joe Burrows and the offense are going to have to do more than just come up with a few big moments to win this one. In fact they are pretty much going to have to pull out all the stops in every offensive department they can from the air to the ground, from the clock to conversions. Every little bit will make the difference tonight.

Son of a gun we’ll have big fun on the bayou tonight!

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