The Opening Drive AAF Week 8#3 San Antonio Commanders(5-2) @#3 Arizona Hotshots (4-3)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo



SAN ANTONIO–It’s going to be a hell of Western showdown in Week 8 of The Alliance as the Arizona Hotshots look to topple the San Antonio Commander in the hunt to The Star. With two of the league’s most high powered offenses taking center stage tonight at the Alamodome it’s going to come down to whose defense will go full circle grinding out those last miles till the last down is played.




Sunday,March 31st,2019


Venue: The Alamodome, (San Antonio,TX)


Opening Snap: 7 PM CT


Network: NFL Network


Line: -1.5 San Antonio


Gridiron Snapshot



Just because your down doesn’t mean your out. The Hotshots have become the poster child of jist how you make a setback one hell of a comeback. A win tonight will shake up the hunt in the West division of the Alliance. You can be sure that Coach Neuheisel and his ball club will be looking to starve a commanding San Antonio offense in tonight’s Western Showdown.


San Antonio

The Commanders have found a way week in and week out to win. Week 8 will be no different and Coach Mike Riley and his Alamo boys will need to continue to play with gusto on both sides of the ball. They have the ability to clinch in the playoff tonight at home with a win over the HotShots. The Commanders need to play smart and be conscience of their own ware and tear. The best thing to do will be to stick to the formula but also find ways to remain fresh. When you reach point this point in the season hungry to remain in the hunt you have to play like a beast but also protect your pack.


Keys To The Game




Starve San Antone

These are two of the most fueled offense in the league. The Arizona D is going to need to come up with some big stops tonight. When Woodside is under pressure he tends to loose his flow. With the QB situation looming  after Woodside was injured in Week 7 this could be just the opportunity for the HotShots to starve the offense of controlling this score and keeping it close.



The difference in the close ones has been to find ways to convert on key downs to control and manage the game.The HotShots are a healthier ball team on both sides of the team which could be pivotal in edging out the Commanders.


San Antonio


Business As Usual

Regardless of who will start tonight at QB the Commanders need to stick with the plan that works. Williams demonstrated he is more than able to Take command when it counts. I think keeping Woodside healthy is key for their playoff run. The Commanders play balanced ball and have a talented roster of playmakers. They are not the most healthiest heading into that so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to make adjustments to make sure they are not playing with key players down the homestretch.



The Commanders do their best playing when they come out the gate blazing. They need to focus on control the ball game and being aware of game management. Perhaps entertaining more of ground attack that keeps the game managable from start to finish. If the Commanders can win the time of possession this helps them to avoid making small mistakes that add up. By eating time off the clock and focusing on a ground game it also helps them to avoid interceptions or turnovers.


Wreck It

The Defensive unit is going to be the difference maker tonight. The Commanders have a wrecking crew like non other. The key will be them to stop Wolford and company,creating turnovers and halting the overall flow of the HotShots to get on fire tonight.


It’s not about who looks good on paper because arguably both these ball clubs have demonstrated that they are. It comes down to which team is willing to out condition their opponent to the end. In games like these it’s about who can put their playbook most effectively into motion. Sometimes it’s not about stats and accolades but rather about heart and the art of orchestrating a win. The Commanders edge the HotShots 32-21 at the Dome.


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