The Run & Shoot Headed to XFL Houston

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS South [embedyt][/embedyt] Video Credit: XFL HOUSTON– It has yet to be seen if, in fact, the second time around for the XFL will be the leagues finest hour. If they have learned anything from the rise and fall of the AAF this past season then they at least have a[…]

The Man with the Magic: Johnson Steps Down In LA

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS [embedyt][/embedyt] Video Courtesy of ESPN LOS ANGELES— “Once upon a time . . .” “In the beginning was . . .” That’s the way it always starts off. Every story, gospel, history, chronicle, myth, legend, folktale, or old wives’ tale blues riff begins with “Woke up this mornin’. . .[…]

The Glue Guys: The Final Four 2019

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS [embedyt][/embedyt] Video Credit: NCAA March Madness Official  MINNEAPOLIS– To quote the legendary Dicky V, “Glue guys aren’t superstars. They’re not the No. 1 option. They just do things only coaches really appreciate. The stars get the headlines, but glue guys help you get in the winner’s circle. I don’t think[…]