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LOUISVILLE,KY– Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd.And I’m hungry like the wolf. Straddle the line in discord and rhyme.I’m on the hunt down I’m after you.Mouth is alive with juices like wine. And I’m hungry like the wolf.” Duran Duran

I think that sums it up pretty clear as both these teams are feeling the famine of despair and yearning to find some relief but at which teams expense will it be today?


Game Notes

Saturday, Sept.29th,2018

Kick-Off:3:30 PM ET


Network: ESPN2


Gridiron Snapshot


It hasn’t quite been the match made in heaven that everyone thought when the Noles hire Coach Willie Taggart to take the reigns. In fact  I am not really sure what to call but there is a definite need for some counseling and quick. The Noles travel to to the “Ville” in not just to pick up their first road win of the season but simply something they can build upon. For FSU  season not to turn into a disarray they need to start playing a more balanced game. This has been a struggle for many teams this season and it’s already proving to be a long road for many. While FSUs defense has put forth substantial strides that may be enough to get them a W today it won’t be enough to hold them up down the road. As for the offensive side of the ball it may be the front runner as being just as bad as the Cardinals. Either way Taggart and the Noles have a long road ahead that is desperate need of a pick me up.


Life without Lamar Jackson is just one of many things that has the Cards in a mess. The easiest way to put things is Coach Petrino and his ball club are in major need of face lift and fast with the identity crisis that is going on with this ball club. It’s not a complete lost cause but someone better pull something out off their behind and muscle up some offense or it’s going to be another lopsided game at Cardinal Stadium. Even though the Cards have two potential promising dual threat QBs that have taken the field there has been nothing remotely threatening about their ability to produce points thus far. In fact it seems not just on offense but on defense (which is a whole other disarray) the numbers under Coach Petrino are at all time low even for a team like Louisville. The Cards connection crisis looks to find a way to get back on track today starting with long time ACC rival and foe the FSU seminoles and capture its first conference win of the season.

Kick-Off Keys To The Game


Keys For The Noles

Finding the Balance

It hasn’t been the sort of story line the Noles had hoped for thus far in heading into Week 5 of the season. In fact it’s more gloomy than glaring from where things sit at this point. The ability to be a better team is there if they can just muscle up and find a way to play a balanced ball game. FSU is by no means at the wow factor state and is far from it but they have the opportunity to bring a better showing of a potential good offense against the Cards and build from there if anything else. The Noles defense has been steady abut needs to continue to find ways to create opportunities to help get the offense back on their feet but that can only continue for so long especially with the road ahead.



Their is nothing remotely pretty about the Noles offense and it could in fact be as unsightly as the Cards but what it does have is a little more life than the Cards does right now coming off their win to Northern Illinois. While that may not seem like much it is more than enough to produce against a disconnected Louisville Defense that just doesn’t have the ability to make stops big enough that could stop FSU dead in its tracks if it can get something going early on. The key for the Noles will be to use that offensive momentum and put points on the board and control the game early.


Keys For The Cards

QB Connection

The offense could be something that could be the turning point for brighter days if they could just find a firm footing. The Cards have to potentially great QBs that have both had time to come up big for the Cards this season but unfortunately don’t have much to work with that has shown that. Petrino has not announced publicly in Week 5 who will take the reigns against the Noles today. Who ever it is I sure as hell hope that their is a fire lit under their butt that is tired of sitting on their butts and watching the Cards be served up by their opponents. Quite honestly if Petrino can find a way to effectively utilize both Pass and Cunningham the Cards can be dangerous. Pass’ arm has great potential if he could have a little help from his friends. And Cunningham has fast feet that can stretch out a defense.It staring them right in the face their potential answer to their problems if they could just simply find a way to make it work with what they have.


The Disappearing Act Is Getting Old

Every team from the top of the list to the bottom feeder is going to have a moment where it just doesn’t seem to have it together. However, that disappearing act is no fun and games when it become a bad habit you can’t just shake off as the Cards have been when it comes to the defense. When the Cats brought in VanGorder to turn things around it looked promising until it just became too much for this particular cast of Cards to take on mentally and physically. Some things may seem to be the solution but everyone has to do their share and let’s face it the Cards just don’t have the manpower to make this Defense do what it was intended to do and make the big stops. FSU offense is in just about bad a shape has the Cards and should not be that difficult to stop but I hope that VanGorder has really taken a step back and taken the defense back to a simpler playbook that the Cards can actually translate effectively from here on out.


Both of these ball clubs are on a soul searching mission to find who they once were and return back to a moment where they weren’t suffocating from the inabilities as team. Today, it will be which team is hungrier in the fight to climb out of hell and be more than what they have become.


Cover Photo Courtesy Of: University of Louisville Football


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