How The East Is Being Won

TENNESSEE (2-2,0-1 SEC) @ #2 UGA( 4-0, 2-0,SEC)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

ATHENS,GA–  “You gotta have the feelin’. Get it together, right on, right on.” – James Brown

Time to get on up folks it’s gameday in Athens. Its Week 5 and the last game of September believe it or not.  The only team that should be in a bit of panic heading into this afternoon’s ball game might be Jeremy Pruitt and the Vols coming off one hell of whooping by the Florida Gators. However, despite another Smart start for the Dawgs heading in 4-0 and controlling the SEC East there is still no margin for error even in this game at home.


Game Notes

Saturday, Sept.29th,2018

Kick-Off:2:30 PM CT


Network: CBS


Gridiron Snapshot



Things are definitely rocky at Rocky Top and that’s putting it gently. For a bit there it seemed that the Vols where reliving the atrocity of Butch Jones once again. Unfortunately, the nightmare continues on even with Jeremy Pruitt at the reigns the Vols are in a struggle to find their way back home. Simply put the Vols took one hell of a beat down courtesy of Dan Mullen and the Florida Gators. Nothing seemed to go right for Tennessee for four quarters. I am not sure you could gain much from that film except the clear mistakes of too many turnovers, an underperforming offense and injuries of key personnel. This week they are looking to turn things around because anything is better than what went down last week. The Vols would have to have a nearly perfect game to come up with a big upset over the Dawgs at home.


Kirby Smart and his ball club are dominating the SEC East. However, even being undefeated heading into this match up last week showed that the Dawgs still have some cleaning up to do in their game. The Dawgs came out with a good conference win over Mizzou 43-29 but even in that dominating performance there were still a few weak spots exposed from shotty play calls, excessive penalties,inabilities on the defense. Every team has an off day but you can be sure Smart will be using this game to fix those weak spots especially the road that lies ahead that has really no room for error not just in conference play but the bigger college football picture. If the Dawgs can continue to fix their shortcomings and Fromm keeps making substantial strides in leading an explosive Georgia offense this ball club is earning a lasting place on top heading into Oct and beyond.


Kick-Off Keys To The Game


Keys For The Noles

On Point

The Vols could use a pick me up after last weeks distrarous showing.For that to happen today it would take a nearly flawless showing from both sides of the ball for the Vols. Don’t forget QB Jarrett Guarantano was injured last week and didn’t finish out the game. Even though Coach Pruitt has assured that Guarantano injury in week 4 is not season ending it is still uncertain who will be anchoring an already shaky offense heading into today’s game. With that being said the offense and more specifically the Offensive line are going to have man up and play better to have any chance of stopping a repeat massacre today.


Demanding Defense

Out of every loss there is always potential to find a way to get better. More importantly the potential to discover an untapped resource for success if a team is willing to look hard and work even harder to attain it. It may have not been apparent from the film or the score of the game but would could be a game changer for the Vols this afternoon is the defense.Even with a mediocre showing they only gave 387 yards and were able to hold the Gators to 3 of 11 third downs in Week 4. While it’s going to take that and then some to go head to head with the Dawgs it’s a start for this ball club.

Keys For The Dawgs

Clean Up Time

This week is going to be about playing the ‘Smart” way and cleaning up a bit of the sloppiness that the Dawgs played against Mizzou. Even when a team appears to be at its best there is always room to be better. The Dawgs can’t afford to coast even what should be a clinch win at home. Instead if they want to keep up with the Jones’ figuratively speaking and stay on top heading into October and beyond.

Fromm Foresight

Even on an off day Georgia QB Jake Fromm is still one of the nations smoother operators at # 6 in pass efficiency and competition. Fromm and the front line need to operate business as usual and keep doing what they have been doing. The key will be for Fromm to maintain a uptempo and command his arsenal to wear down the Vols defense before it has potential to turn the tables with the slightest mistakes. Fromm knows what needs to be done and he knows how to translate that with his team to put points on the board


No game is a guarantee for the best and the worst teams on any Saturday and today will be no different for the either team even for the Dawgs. Today will come down to what teams can tighten up and clean up their weakness. While the Vols have more to take on in it just takes a few right moves to change any direction!



Feature Photo Courtesy Of: UT Athletics 

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