This Ain’t No Party, This Ain’t No Disco

#6 Georgia (7-1,5-1 SEC) @  #11 Kentucky ( 7-1,5-1 SEC))

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo


LEXINGTON,KY– In Week 10 it  is all about gridiron showdowns and making statements to stay alive in the hunt especially in the SEC. This afternoon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky The Dawgs and the Cats are in the race of their life playing for a spot in the SEC Championship.

I can assure you that both these ball clubs both know that this is not the moment for dancing or fooling around on the gridiron. It all business today. Will Smart and his Dawgs have their day once again  or will Steady Stoops and his Kentucky Can Wildcats find a way to win?

Game Notes


Week 10: Saturday, Nov. 3rd,2018

Kick-Off: 3:30  PM ET

Venue: Kroger Field , Lexington,KY

Network: SEC on CBS & Fubo TV


Gridiron Snapshot



They say every Dawg has its day and boy is this Saturday a big one especially with regards to the playoff picture and the SEC East. The question is will the Dawgs be able to pull ahead enough to still be in the game?  We all know that if any team can bounce back it would be Kirby Smart and this ball club. Remember last Fall? Even with their season hitting a few roadblocks they managed to change things around and we’ll make their way to play for a national title. If the Dawgs can outsmart a surprisingly good dark horse ball club in the Wildcats then their back on the glory road secure the SEC East Title, a spot in the SEC Championship and another quality win for the committee to consider on the road to the CFP.



Whether or not you are a fan of the Wildcats this ball club deserves a tip of the hat for what they have managed to do this season. It sure has hell has been far from perfect or pretty to watch but they have found a way to produce with what they have and that has made all the difference in getting them to perhaps one of the biggest football games in UK history. Coach Stoops and this ball club aren’t trying to emulate or be a team they are not. I think they know there not Alabama or LSU but don’t discredit their ability and heart to be a top caliber ball club  that deserves to be on the same stage as either one of those balls clubs in an SEC Championship. Kentucky keep doing it your way because sometimes the underdog is the best spot to be in.

Keys for the Dawgs

Falling Astray

The Dawgs are a seasoned ball club when you observe their film, look at them on paper, and when they play  but even the best teams can’t afford to make small mistakes or tone down any games especially in November. The Dawgs are going to need to play “ Smart” and that means they can’t allow the Cats to control the game with their ball controlled offense. We all know how that has worked out in the past for the Cats opponents. They are going to need to be in the driver’s seat and wear down Snell and company early.


The Smart Way

What makes Georgia a threat to not just the Cats is their ability to adapt and adjust quickly in most situations. The Smart way has proven to work for this team. Georgia is a team that plays with balance and is strong on both sides of the ball. They know when and how to put a plan of action in motion at the right times. When you have a“Holy Swift” Rush Attack , a secondary second to none and QB like Fromm you can find a way to win big.  Adapt, adjust and control is key!


Keys for the Cats

Beating Them At Their Own Game

Kirby Smart and the Dawgs can make a comeback in big games for a plethora of reasons and mainly because they are able to limit and keep the ball out of the hands of their opponent while wearing them down in their pursuit. The Cats need to take a play from the Dawgs and turn the table around by finding a way not to let the Dawgs have many opportunities to beat them to punch in scoring or in endurance game.

It’s All About Control

Like I said the Cats are not the best looking team and have plenty of flaws but what makes them dangerous is the ability to grind out in the good the, the bad and the ugly moments without throwing in the towel where their opponents would. Coach Stoops and his Cats success story on the gridiron is one of control. The ability to control what they do on  their own terms and their own way which has enable them to get to where they have yearned to be.The key to continued success is to control the pace of the game in keeping their offense productive and their defense rested enough to slow down the Dawgs. They may not be stacked but from their play makers like Snell and Allen and more important every guy on that field make opportunities.


This game is  going to come down to what team has total control. In the words of Jack Welch, “ Control your destiny or someone else will.”




Photo Courtesy Of: Kentucky Football & SEC Nation

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