Free Bradley Beal

Mark R. Bacon—Main Event Sports DC

Beal has been the best player in Washington for years now, and his ostensible running mate just suffered a more serious injury while already being seriously injured. The Wizards have somehow, even amid everything else, been one of the biggest clown shows in our nation’s capital the last couple years–thanks, Ernie Grunfeld–and Beal deserves an opportunity to showcase his game elsewhere. Beal’s shooting stroke would look so good on competent teams. Imagine him clearing up driving lanes for LeBron, or somehow opening up the lane even wider for the Greek Freak. Beal carries some of the blame for why things have gone wrong in D.C., but he’s far down the list. Washington doesn’t look like it will be good any time soon, so a trade here could actually be mutually beneficial. The Wizards need to start figuring out a rebuild, and Beal could bring back some attractive assets. In the Superteam Era, we as NBA fans want to see the game’s best playing on rosters of consequence. Beal is already one of the top players at his position. His career will only reach new heights when he’s no longer saddled with the Wizards’s extra-depressing brand of dysfunction.

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