The Opening Drive Week 5: #3 San Antonio (2-2) @ # 5 Arizona Hotshots (2-2)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo


TEMPE,AZ– How will the West be won in the AAF?  The Commanders remain on the road hoping they can keep the momentum going against the Hotshots to move up in the ranks in the West. The preseason favorite and formerly untouchable team seem to operate more lackluster these days. Will Arizona finally bask in the glory they once knew at home? The Fleet, Commanders, and Hotshots are currently locked in a three-way tie in the  West. A win tonight would be a game changer in the ranks. Both these teams have the talent but which one will be able to better operate under pressure and be the better-balanced team on the gridiron?


Sun. March 10th,2019

Venue: Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ

Opening Snap: 7 PM CT

Network: NFL Network

Line: -2.5 Arizona

Gridiron Snapshot

San Antonio

The Commanders are at the home stretch of a strenuous road schedule before they can return back to action in the Alamo City. The Commanders looking to keep the edge in their game to dwindle what it left of the Hotshots on the road. Coach Mike Riley and his Alamo Arsenal came up big in Bama hammering down on the Iron to end their undefeated streak. San Antonio capitalized on the Irons lack of attention to detail to their advantage. Don’t be surprised if the Commanders continue to use their rush attack to help


I think it’s safe to say there is a bit more than the typical Jekyll & Hyde complex going on out in Arizona. The Hotshots have lost back to back ball games against two formerly winless franchises in Memphis and Atlanta. They need a big win tonight or they may just continue to go off the deep end. In their loss in Week for to the Legends 11-14, they struggled on offense and defense. You would have never thought this was the same team that seems untouchable in WEEK 1& 2 or undefeated. A new day a new game and for the Hotshots, they are banking that they can find some sort of kindling that can restart this fire again.

Keys To The Games

San Antonio

Rattle Their Chains

The Commanders Defense has made some noise a big reason they have been able to make some pivotal plays when it counted. They Commanders lead the AFF in sacks with 14 over four games. 5 of those sacks came in Week 3 & 4 alone. Just like they were able to disrupt the flow of the Iron they will need to continue to do this to Wolford and Company in week 5. If they can get the offense rattled where they can’t find continuity this will be a big win for the Commanders D and for the team collectively.

Find Farrow

We already know when Commanders QB, Logan Woodside is in the zone he and that backfield arsenal can move mountains. A big key in San Antonio’s high powered offense has been RB, Kenneth Farrow. In last weeks upset Farrow rant the ball 30 times for 142 yards with an average of 4.7 yards per carrying. He will play a big role again tonight to help orchestrate some key scoring drives for the Commanders. The key will be to make sure they can continue to put out some strong running plays in order to control the game early.


Regain Continuity

The biggest obstacle the Hotshots are going to need to find to get back on track is the continuity in their offense. An offense that looked untouchable in Week 1 & 2 has seemed to lose its vitality. The Hotshots need a find a to find that core connection amongst their QB John Wolford and backfield if they don’t want to make it 3 in a row. Despite a loss in Week 4 they put up solid offensive numbers but they have to do more than get by in Week 5.  On the ground or in the air they need to make it happen big. The Commanders lead the AAF in sacks with 14 in four games to date. They need to be on the lookout or it will be a long night for the offense.

Amp Up Their D:

We know the Commanders offense can easily make this a high scoring double-digit affair. The Hotshots are going to do a much better job on their defense if they are going to have any chance to get their offense on the field and not get worn out early in this one at home.

This desert showdown will come down to what team can orchestrate a better balance ball game and not allow mistakes to be their demise. Both these teams have suffered from the Jekyll & Hyde complex off and an on over the first half of the season. However, one of these teams better find the best alchemy to cure this ailment before it gets the best of their hopes in the postseason.  Even though the Hotshots will most likely get a little light under their fire this evening at home. The way the Commanders defense has been wrecking and racking along with a productive assault on offensive will be enough to edge the Hotshots on the road by Field Goal in the Desert.

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