The Power Plays: Week 6 AAF Rankings

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What a hell of a first half of the season it has been in the Alliance. Week 5 alone showed that it’s not over till it is over and a few seconds can change any circumstances.  If this past week of play was any indication for what’s to come it’s going to be a dramatic road to Vegas. While the Apollos stand-alone undefeated and at #1 there is still plenty of football to be played and a handful of teams control their fate. It just takes the right hand of cards to get back in it. So fasten your seats bell Alliance fans because it’s going to be a wild ride the next few weeks. Here is Week 6 Power Plays in the Alliance. Where did your team fall this week?


Scores From Week 5


Orlando 31 (5-0) @ Birmingham 14 (3-2)


Salt Lake 25 (1-4) San Diego 27 (3-2)


Memphis 20 (1-4) @ Atlanta 23 (2-3)


San Antonio 29 (3-2) @ Arizona 25 (2-3


Week 6 Matchups


Sat. March 16th, 2019


Memphis @ Salt Lake

3 PM B/R Live

Arizona @ Atlanta

7 PM NFL Network


Sun. March 17th, 2019


San Antonio @ Atlanta

3 PM CBS Sports Network


Birmingham @ San Diego

7 PM NFL Network


#8 Memphis Express (6) (1-4)

Once again it seems that Memphis Mojo could not strum up enough steam to roll over the Legends in a last-minute loss in Week 5. The Express just can’t hold on to enough momentum week in and week out to be effectively productive to close games. The storyline in the 901 seems to be filled with lack of when it comes to paying attention to details. Their careless mistakes and just letting the ball game go in crucial moments has been the nail in their coffin. I find it pretty difficult for them to make a comeback to even get back in it. They would have to have nearly


#7 Salt Lake Stallions (1-4)

No matter how much talent and how well you can play means nothing if you can close a deal. This is what the Stallions have seem to as of late. Despite having all the key ingredients of a winning franchise like a stout run game, a ravenous defensive frontline and good signal caller they can’t find a way to operate collectively or cohesively. So until they can play from start to finish and learn to close the deal there record will remain

#6 Atlanta Legends (2-3)

Could the Legends finally live up to their namesake and work their way back to a legendary comeback. What seemed to be a bleak beginning is slowly evolving into brighter days for Atlanta. The Legends have back to back wins and are thriving.  Their offense seems to finally found its identity with QB Aaron Murray taking the reins. There still far from perfect but they just might have enough momentum to make a run in the East if they can keep finding a way to win.

#5 Arizona Hotshots(2-3)

It’s tough to call just what direction this team will go week to week. They did show they still are capable of being an unstoppable force after all the almost instigated a comeback against the Commanders late in the 4th in week 5. If any team could get back in it and make a run its Arizona but they gotta keep digging their own grave. They hit the road to face the Apollos in Week 6 which will not be an easy obstacle to get back to the promised land in the West. This will be an interesting second half for the Hotshots if they can stop falling prey to the Jekyll & Hyde complex.

#4 Birmingham Iron (3-2)

Even with two losses the Iron still can put the hammer down and stage a pretty damn good second half comeback. A loss is not always a red flag for the impossible. The Irons loss will help them better make adjustments and return back to the state they need to be in to keep their dream alive. The premier of Keith Price at QB for the Iron has seemed to bring back a little of what was fading the last few weeks for the offense synchronicity. If Price can continue to ramp up his offensive yards and be a productive game manager for the duration of the season no one will be focused on their losses early in the season.

#3 San Diego Fleet (2-2)

San Diego may be 2-2 in the first half of the season but not all is fleeting just yet. If any ball coach can keep his team afloat offensively its Magic Mike Martz. The Fleet offense also proved that the show must go on if you want to remain in the hunt. The Fleet demonstrated they can still come up big offensively without having their main man, QB Philip Nelson who is out with a clavicle injury. The fact that they were able to adapt and adjust under pressure and in limited time is crucial to their second-half season play. Furthermore, this also helped their defense show out in a huge way by scoring two non-offensive TDs  ( scoop/score and pick 6). The Fleet may just be operating under the radar strategically enough to win this game of AAF battleship down the stretch. Everyone better keep their sonar in check.

#2 San Antonio Commanders (3-2)

The Fuego is back in the Alamo boys. The Commanders are on the last leg of a tough road slate but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? In the case of the Commanders, it seems to be the case. Talk about an impressive Week 5 fast out the gate with a shutting out the Hotshots in Zona 26-0 in the first half. It came down to the wire and they almost let it slip away in the second half but were able to get by for a solid road win. The Commanders can command and have one of the best-balanced ball clubs in the league. When they’re on point they play but they what could be their downfall is when they get even the slightest off beat that’s where they put themselves in a tougher spot to come out of. I think this road gauntlet they have been on has really tested them and may just be the key to stand the test of time right to the playoffs. I think if the Commanders continue to operate as they have been then they will be in the playoffs.

#1 Orlando Apollos (5-0)

The Apollos have unquestionably set themselves apart from the rest of the pack and stand alone at the head of the table undefeated still heading into the second half of the season. They show no signs of letting up just yet. While it hasn’t been finesse it has been captivating none the less see the Ole Ball Coach and his ball club find a way to win. This is what makes Orlando a tough ball club to take down because they come at you every which way they can and still have more up their sleeves. The Apollos no how to get ahead and come from behind under pressure and that has been instrumental in their ability to remain untouched. There is no question they will be in the Championship run.


There are still a good number of teams that can make comebacks with just a little fine tuning. Nothing is guaranteed the way things are shaping up in Week 6. So every franchise better come to play and by play, I mean from start to finish. Close those deals!


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